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Used to describe a friend or siblings calling or checking in with their spouse or signifigant. This term can be used jokingly amongst friends when said friend must initiate contact with their S.O. or spouse.
"Hey Joey, I just got a call from Frank, he wants us to meet him over at the pool hall, they just scored a table man!"

"Aw man, I dunno if I can make it, lemme call my wife and let her know I might be a bit late getting home."

:::whispering & chuckling amongst his friends::::

Ahahhaha, dude has to report to Headquarters!


"Hey Amanda, where you at? Come meet us out for a drink!"
"Girl I would but it's kinda late..."
"Lemme guess, you gotta check with headquarters. Well... lemme know either way."
"Hahaha, very funny."
by HauteM August 21, 2009

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