Ayan is generally a boys name but can be used unisexually. Being typically a Somali or Arab or Indian name. They are often quiet and shy but once you get to meet them they are very outgoing. It only takes a few people to make them turn from introverted to extroverted. They have a down to earth personality unlike a lot of people. They are quite annoying at times but are generally really cool to hang out with
Have you seen that new kid, Ayan. He seems cool
by 1001101010 October 20, 2018
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Ayan is an Asian or Arab male name. Ayan is defined as a funny, cheeky person who is really kind. Ayan respects people and is very responsible. Ayan is fun to be with, and very smart and rich. Although Ayan's take things personally
I wish I was an Ayan. I hope it's not to late to be one
by Papa Kayb February 4, 2019
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Ayan is generally a boys name, however it is used more frequently among Gods by deed poll. Ayan is disarmingly charming, hence why all the boys go straight to Ayan for relationship advice. Ayan has an innate tendency to build others up and support them unconditionally. Ayan is incredibly down to earth and will speak his mind with a reassuring, charismatic confidence. Ayan will bring a smile to your face, rain or shine. Be careful though, as an Ayan is devilishly handsome and the stampede of females following in his wake present a constant physical hazard.
This girl matched with me on tinder - you wouldn't happen to know an Ayan (who isn't too busy piping) who can help me send her a message would you?
by King Ezralius October 21, 2020
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Ayan is generally a girl's name, can be unisexual. She is always in savage mode, but can be sensitive sometimes. She loves food, and sleep. Can easily make friends but don't betray her trust. She is known to have a pretty face and a nice body. She is a very loyal person. Her name is not popular in the U.S. Having an Ayan as your friend is a great opportunity!!
Oh she's an Ayan?!
by I'm hodenii✨ December 1, 2016
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An Indian male name, given usually to boys in upper middle class families. Indian guys named Ayan are usually nice and polite with an innate ability to disarm you with their down-to-earth nature. They are also cool to hang out with.
Student 1: That new Indian guy is so nice and polite and so down-to-earth, unlike the rest.
Student 2: Who Ayan?
Student 1: Yeah, him. Bet he'd be real cool to hang out with.
Student 2: Absolutely.
by Sturmgewehr February 16, 2013
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A name so cool that its multiculturally unisexual.
What is the name that is so awesome that it can belong to a man in the South-East Asian republic India as well as a woman in the East-African nation Somalia?
Why 'Ayan' of course.
by Triklops January 9, 2015
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A bad ass bitch don’t give a shit about anything but her food All the niggas want her if you get her you won’t regret
Yoo did u see ayan today god damn I want sum that
by Tasteme December 3, 2018
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