The process by which things reduce or decrease in value until they cease to exist.
My penis was victim to atrophy at the sight of lesbian pornography. ewww, girls are sick
by Dustin Belleau September 6, 2003
atrophy is when youre too lazy to get up and work out or do anything and your whole body seems to morph from being totally ripped to looking like the marshmallow man.
after having mono for a month and a half, i looked like a diferent person because all my muscles had atrophied.
by wowthissucks July 6, 2005
Someone so atrophied by instant feedback, congratulations and an adorable sense of entitlement, that the stress of making "adult" decisions often causes them to retreat to the safety of their parents. This move is often welcomed by the parents themselves, who felt unloved without someone to bestow lavish praise and generous material benefits upon.
So is that atrophy kid looking for a job yet?
by Somefinds April 25, 2009
n. a spouse who has atrophied considerably over the years and may be in need of replacement; not to be confused with a trophy wife. Amusing term if used with a faux Italian accent.
I would-a like-a you to meet-a my atrophy wife.
by Public_ice July 10, 2011
The condition assigned to undersexed mid-aged women where the muscle and tissues of the muff thin because of the lack of blood flow normally associated with an active sex life. This Boomer condition is alleviated by frequent and vigorous banging.
My friend who hadn't had sex for four years said her muff was dry as duff. Her Dr. said she had "vaginal atrophy" and prescribed sexercise.
by fleur de V November 28, 2010
When a wild, macho, "man's man" gets with a woman that dominates him and, figuratively speaking, castrates him.
Tony used to love to hang out and party all night, gettin all kinds of ho's! Then he got with this domineering b****, now he's suffering from testicular atrophy.
by Jaime Choo the JUBU July 12, 2008
The decline of sensitivity at the back of the mouth which leads to less frequent gagging and an easier time swallowing large objects. While occasionally sought after by those who must take medication in large pills that are uncomfortable to swallow, it is more often a byproduct of a woman’s promiscuity. Continuous oral sex will rapidly decrease the gag reflex until she is able to take in even large members without difficulty.
Tori had been working on trying to stop gagging every time she went down on a guy. She enjoyed the praise and attention she garnered but she needed her BJ’s to be legendary. After a month or two of holding a tooth brush at the back of her mouth for 10 minutes every morning and night, she felt she had finally gotten rid of her gag reflex entirely. Eager to try it out, she texted Matt and told him to come over. Matt had a proud 8 inch dong, and so wasn’t to be taken lightly. But as she pulled down his pants and took his hardening member into her mouth, she realized with glee it had been a total success. As she bobbed diligently back and forth she heard Matt moan and grip her shoulders strongly. She closed her eyes and she felt him swell in her mouth. The first blast was a motherload indeed, but Tori’s cheeks and throat worked; she was swallowing his semen as fast as he was pumping it into her mouth. He fell back on the bed after he was spent and she went to snuggle on his chest. Soon however she once again wanted to take in his meat and taste his seed. So she took his flaccid member in her mouth and began to succ. He quickly grew and hardened as she breathed a second life into his spent manhood. She knew she’d been totally successful with her Gag Reflex Atrophy.
by Swirlin64 March 18, 2020