very attractive person inside and out with blackish eyes and will often have more than a few girls tugging at his arms.He is really secretive because every time he has ever told someone something it always ends up hurting him. He really has trouble trusting himself because he thinks he always messes things up for him self. Izaya very often can put too much trust in people and they always break him. All an Izaya ever wants is the ability to prove himself worthy of leadership or of someone's love, unfortunately nobody ever gives him the chance. Izaya is the kindest most caring guy I know and he is always getting used. He rarely tries to actually impress people except for one person now this person has probably done the most damage to him out of all, he still loves adores and appreciate s the person,because of his caring and open heart that he really shares with few people. An Izaya is worth more than 10 suns and is someone you don't want to hurt. If he shows you a unique kind of affection or notices the weird quirky thing that you do and idolizes it than never ever let him go. I guess what I'm trying to say is he may be overly attached but that's because he loves so unconditionaly. In the long run he will always fight in your corner if you love him. And finally if an Izaya shows his undeniable love for you, then return it because all he ever wants is to make people smile that's just an izaya.

He lives in the world of nice guys finish last So Love an izaya and he will love you
1: Hey you know Daniel
2: yeah,why?
1 he's so damaged and i don't know why
2 I dated him last year and he so so sweet but everyone hurts him.
1 oh so he's an Izaya
by whatdowehavebutlove? May 6, 2015
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(n) The negative absence of milk. May make you want to throw a refrigerator or other usually unliftable object at someone.
Spending too much time around an Izaya will make you want to drink milk.

After being around that Izaya, I flipped a table.
by Anonosity February 18, 2011
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An izaya is a feeling that will cause you to feel like hitting something,pulling things out of the ground,wanting to suicide.An izaya is also a word used to describe people who step on a young female's cellphone,a troll on the net/real life or another word for the term douche bag.An izaya can also represent a hot sociopath.
I feel so izaya today

Dudeee, did you know i saw someone pull of an izaya last monday in the alleyway at shinjuku?!

He is being such an izaya!!!

I'm a smoking hot izaya.
by Kanra chan desuuuuuu August 18, 2013
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Longest Dick ever
Awesome in bed

Fucks a jodie
When a jarred is around izaya is always more well endowed
Fucks bitches and gets money
Izaya ducked me so good
by Pretty boy swaf May 6, 2018
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An Izaya is a type of person and a name. This type of person normally has the following attributes:


“I’m the smartest man/woman in the world!”
Easily bored
OCCASIONALLY caring with a soft spot
And irritating.

An Izaya will gather information and tease you with it. An Izaya will act very hot and cold and bipolar to play with your feels, normally by acting nice and caring towards you, then annoyed. And so on and so forth.
“Man, that guy’s such a frickin’ Izaya!”
“I know, but at least he’s great in bed.”
by Cartoon-Chan September 9, 2018
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Izaya is a great person to be around when you get to know him. He is intresting to talk to and learn about he is a lil funny but is great to be around .
jfdhsioh;iofihfd'jhijsihg izaya is a great person
by ruqfeifjq-u November 24, 2021
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A boy who you cant get over and you keep coming back to. Someone who sometimes you just wanna through a washing machine at! And the put him in the washing machine, push start, then throw it off a clif. Oh, and don’t forget the landry detergent, to clean up his attitude. 😂
by Chloe Hills February 4, 2018
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