A place of parties, merriment, and general frivolity. Drinks are freely given away, and parties are often funded by grants.
Friend #1: Geez, I can't believe this tomar shit. Two bucks for a drink. I better get hella drunk at the depot first.

Friend #2: Well be careful, because I don't want to have to call the paramedics again.
by C to the Heezee December 8, 2008
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The point in Ottawa that separates the Wess from the Heast, it is also the place where the guy work. The depot is a circus of tomfoolery; from Dum Dums explosive attitude, to the cleaners jokes (How sweep it is), to Ardenese knowitallism, Gauthiers daily mishaps, the depot is always full of surprises. The leader of the depot is Turnip.
"I smell toass burning and there is a guy in a garbage bag dancing with a litter! That must be the depot
by The Purculator guy December 9, 2004
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When something is hella fuckin cheap, something of cheap quality, or a ghetto rigged anything
Damn fool, rag gas cap, torn ass drop top....ur shit is straight depot!!!
by Joey&Mike December 27, 2005
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when you buy an ex cop car at an auction. only to realize that you purchased a vehicle that not only has money sperm in the back seat, but your constantly getting interrogated for impersonating a law enforcer. the term is truly made up, but it is slang for Decommissioned Police Officer Transportation
man i didn't realize that i bought a depot until that cop told me to smile like a doughnut
by just 1 inch April 15, 2009
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(de-pot): to detoxicify someone who has high amounts of thc in their bodies, this is either done to pass any drug test or what happens in rehabilitation clinics and meetings.
"yo,homeslice mah granma is gettin' that flava straight out da oven wid da solid g's dawg, howsa bout we get to da hood get outa da grill, nawwuhmean? cuz tommorez i gottsa go get depot so mah granma aint gane catch me up da hezzie pezzie"

"tru dat tru dat"
by mAGIK bUS September 24, 2005
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A public place where stoners hang out. You can meet up with other people looking to blaze. The Depot is located near food stores in case one happens to get the munchies. Named for the Concord Depot.
You can't spell 'The Depot' without 'pot'.

All of the stoners were hanging out at The Depot.

"Hey dude, wanna go to The Depot and blaze?"
by JockoAccidente August 18, 2006
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Similar to postal its a reaction by a HomeDepot employee being verbally abused by a customer
I went Depot on this customer who asked me for Prego Flooring and they got pissy when I told them it was Pergo
by ozoneman September 22, 2008
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