The nickname you give your girlfriend if her name is Ruth. She is the sweetest prettiest girl there is in a school. She is small, cute and has a bubbly laugh. She's the girl who is crushed on the most, even if nobody knows it. She's the one crush that everyone keeps secret from everyone else. She is also very, VERY sexual when she's turned on. Prepare yourself from the best night of your life. Also she's a great friend. She also tends to be friends with the girl who is EXPECTED to be crushed on the most. (loud, popular girls) She also is never friends with the everyone else is below me, girls only the nice ones.
Person1: Heyyy Ruthie
Person2: She's not your GF
Person: Yeah, but I want her to be.
Person: Oh snap! Me too.
Uninvited person3 : frick.. me too.

Person1: well fuck.
by SRuthlover November 6, 2018
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Super hot, sexy girl, love of my life, the kindest person I've ever met, is so adorable, loves to jump in puddles and chase lighting bugs, best girl ever.
Damn Ruthie you're sexy!
by BigVick10 May 30, 2017
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Honestly, there's so much about her that it would be impossible for me to write down without my heart stopping. What I will say though is that she's everything a guy like me could ever ask for. She's the type of monkey to disacknowledge her perfections but use her "flaws" in a way to degrade herself yet she doesn't have any. She's the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon and is remarkably brilliant even though she fails to recognize it. Ruthie, Princess, if you're reading this, just know that I love you and this burning love, that I hold for you, will never go out. I'm yours forever cinnabun 💙
Ruthie, what a monkey.
Ruthie, what a monkey.
Me: You're perfect in every way
Her: Ahuh
Me: You are, dork
Her: I love you
Me: I know 😏
Her: Nope that's it, back to the friendzone
Me: 😥
by HerSunshine December 7, 2018
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Ruthie is an amazingly beautiful girl. She is a wild, outgoing person. You naturally will want to know a Ruthie because of her natural vibe and social butterfly self. She cares deeply for the things and people she loves. She’ll do anything to lift your spirits and simply make you smile. She’ll be up-to-date with trends and celebrity drama. She may come across as shallow or fake to some people but once you get to know her, she’s one to care for you.
Person A: Wow i wish i were that outgoing.
Person B: Yep, that’s Ruthie for you. She’s amazing.
by the-random-human- June 6, 2019
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A queen. An icon. A beauty in everyone's eyes and a super smart and funny gal who is a great girl over all and needs a man
Hey isn't Ruthie really pretty
by Rootmatoot February 13, 2018
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A beautiful younger sister type person. A friend to all, with a kind and gentle soul. Easily teased and fun to be with.
She's such a Ruthie-Boothie-Boothead.
by GrizlyPirate February 5, 2010
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The first name of an awesome mother and grandmother. You know your girlfriend/wife is going to be a great stay-at-home mom if her first name is Ruthie. A rock and a foundation for her family. A wise counselor. An excellent judge of character. An honest and trustworthy person who admits their mistakes and makes amends for them.
That lady is a genuine Ruthie!

We can't make a decision, we need get a Ruthie!

Let's be Ruthie and get out of here before real trouble starts.
by urbanastarte February 3, 2010
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