Once you've had "The Henry", nothing else on Earth matters. "The Henry" is the single greatest thing on the face of the Earth and can take all your troubles away. "The Henry" isn't just a state of goodness, it's a state of life.
You haven't lived until you've fully experienced "The Henry".
by The Burger Expert April 22, 2021
When an individual goes ass to ass with another, and flatchulates.
I was in bed the other night and I rolled over and pulled "The Henry" on my girlfriend.
by hookers&blow July 11, 2010
A German or Irish name meaning "Hero" or "Ruler of the home". Henry's are some of the sweetest people once you get to know them. They are also great friends, as they stand up to those who mess with others and would gladly take a bullet for someone they love. Henry's like to mess around with others, especially if they feel close to you and they care about you deeply.

Most Henry's have a troubled past and seem to daze off at random times, reflecting on that past.
Guy: That guy is a great friend, its because he's a Henry.
by TheThornedOne November 21, 2012
A super hot funny boy. Tends to deny his feelings for girls but you can tell who he likes by the gleam in his eye.

His smile is the cutest thing you will ever see and he has the most amazing body. One goddam look at him and girls would die. All girls basically wanna bang him
Girl1: Who is that boy?
Girl2: I don't know, but look at that fuck worthy body
Girl1: Gotta be a Henri
by Potato.Unicorn123 January 25, 2015
Word used towards a person who acts like he has a life of luxury and feels superior to others.
- Loco quiero comprarme esa cartera LV de 500 dólares

- Estás henrying ahí ya como 500 va seguí
by TheWil November 15, 2019
The sweetest boy you will ever meet.
Has a kind nature and will always look out for his friends.
You will always have a friend by your side when youre with Henri.
He is admired by all the girls, and his girlfriend is smoking hot!
Soccer and Playstation anyone?
Hey Henri, Coming to the party on Saturday night?
by malgosia22 May 20, 2019