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Having sex three times in one day with three different partners
I fucked Suzi, Carmen, and Dana...thats a hat trick
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
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The only game online that keeps people playing for years. A semi-religion for all who play.
I wonder if I'm winning my league game on hattrick.
by Dan Tutty March 04, 2004
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Scoring three goals in one game of hockey. Scoring three in a row is called a natural hattrick.
I nearly scored a hattrick, but missed the net in the final seconds.
by Sam Orr January 02, 2008
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1) In ice hockey, when one player scores 3 goals

2) Fucking, butt fucking and getting a blowjob from your woman all in the same night
I scored a hat trick in last night's game. Then my girlfriend let me score a hat trick with her!
by Nasty Nate September 10, 2003
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When drunk/passed out, and a person vomits, pisses, and shits the bed.
Droopalong was so drunk last night, he pulled a hat trick in his own bed. I say we burn his mattress while he's at the laundromat.
by cheepnis05 June 04, 2013
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