Used mainly in Penrith, hase is another word for 'cunt'. Usually meant as the women's genitals part. Often found offensive by women.
Guy1: Come back here, hase. You wanna go me?
by whatups December 11, 2009
A Haitian proverb that translates roughly into:

You look like a duck.
Avi: Humdelee Fase Hase Humbai

Trevon: I know :(
by Avi (AlmightySev) September 29, 2009
has, but refering to now
I hased done that
by PointingatmyBALLZ January 27, 2023
Fundamentally, a "Hase" acts in accordance with their personal ex- and implicit understanding of the most moral path to take at every given situation.
A: You know, the last months I have radically stopped saying things I know to be false, and in addition I've extended this decision to my personal embodiment of my perceived truth in the form of my actions.
B: And you're quite eloquent as're acting your inner "Hase" out well, bucko!
by Orderman June 14, 2018
a beom anti, hase thinks user beomgyu is a koreaboo but actually beomgyu is gay. s
by skaterbeomgyu September 15, 2021
a last name from an oreigen of germany the man or woman the owns the name is yousaly nice a littel insane but they good peapel they give reaspect to elderly and hate trump but they cool ceap as hell and yousaly poor
hi msr.hasinger how are you
by 0000000011101 March 26, 2018
super cool sexy swaggy person with big peen and 6’2” and lovely
Person: wow hasely ur so sexy and cool
by frogluvr6699 November 23, 2021