Huge cock big dick fat asf eat my ass suck my choad and I’m not even gay. I love pubic hair. I eat dick hair for dinner because I can not afford anything else.
My big peen is very big
by Fig boy October 8, 2019
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A group of fuckboys, who have tiny peens and waddle because they have churned butter. Scarier than big boi gang
That big peen gang is scarier than my asshole after Taco Bell
by peeen April 16, 2019
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A group of 6 sweet gals who only have kind words for each other and their friends. There's an elegant blonde, a sassy blonde, a zany curly-haired brunette, a big-hearted brunette, and two golden-haired girls - one is a bookworm and one is a procrastinator. These gals live in a big house always filled with friends and welcome new faces. They care about the environment, education, family, and girl power. Don't cross these girls - they'll defend each other till the end. ANY BOYS WHO HURT THEM WILL DIE.
That is all.

Big peen girls 4 Lyfe
Q: What's their wifi again?

A: Big Peen Girls.
by random admirer_no one importan November 23, 2021
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Sauce “Where did big peen Mike go ???“
Potato “I ate him”
Sauce “OMFG”
by Lambotits September 23, 2019
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person 1: wow! steve harvey's nudes leaked! he has a big ol' peen
person 2: mines bigger ew
by big ol' peen boy March 13, 2017
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