A Political part and Catch phrased Coined By Aisle Five's Very own Al;bert Bigginz (THATS ME BIOTcH) who coined it durring a rhyme..anyways it means Aboslutly nothing
*reporter* Mr. Bigginz What do you know about the "I will eat you party?"
*Me* Bitch i know Nothin 'Cept if you ask me another dumb Question " I WILL EAT YOU BIOTCH I AM SUBWAY AND I RESERVE THAT RIGHT. VOTE FOR ME "
by Albert Bigginz April 07, 2005
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I eatyou is Turkish slang.It means you really fancy the other person or you think there wonderful.
guy says: "you are very beautiful,i eat you baby"

girl says: thanks! I eat you too lover!
by lalalaurenlove October 20, 2008
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A metaphor that means that something is so cute, well you would eat it up. Really, it’s pretty terrifying. A funny though is just thinking if this goes for every animal when the eat something.
Lion: this youngling is so cute that I would eat you up!
Antelopes: aw thank you, she gets it from her mommy
Lion: *proceeds to maul and brutally kill the baby*
by Hentai-Man, the Bamboozler. October 01, 2020
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the phrase when you see a hot girl and you would let her have sex with you
tom: did you see that girl at that party
jimmy: yea, i think she would totally let me eat crackers on her bed
tom: (just staring at jim)
sentence for i would let you eat crackers on my bed
by f.l.r # 9 May 06, 2009
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