A term used to produce an erection when one is flaccid.

see pirate
"Brian put it in me now"

"I can't, I am going limp"


"Ahh (relief)"
by C. mo May 04, 2004
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Can also be read/said as "Harr", "Harr harr", etc. You may also use all capitals, if trying to get the point across. It is indeed another form to laugh, which indeed makes everyone else giggle. Squares really only don't know what this esquisite word is. It is used by many people, and German teachers, around the globe.
Abigail: OMG my house reeks like salt
Maddie: HAR HARR HAR! abs, you're hilaious!
by apizzle October 04, 2007
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A word commanly used by druggies for hide the drugs when the cops come.
Har the cops are here.
by Amanda Marriet October 01, 2016
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Horny pirate talk, usually associated with lobsters and booties.
Argh the lobster is shivering me booty! That feels nice! Har har ARGH!
by Angry Crab November 28, 2005
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sarcastic laughter; when a cheesy joke is made you respond with this to show that that joke wasn't funny at all. See badum tish
Person 1: "I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel."
Person 2: "Hardy har har."
by catscatscatscatscats January 03, 2010
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When your dog drags his/her ass across the white carpet
Right after I shampooed the carpet Fido pulled the old Barney har har.
by Cheyne Smith December 05, 2007
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