Isla's are very smart and funny. They are put together and those people who are athletic and smart. Isla always has a smile on her face and is confident. Isla is the best friend you could ever have and she is a stunner. Her beauty puts everyone in a trance. Her name does mean love after all. Isla is also very kind and caring. She is also loyal and willing to kick but if someone messes with her or one of her friends. Overall Isla's are great people with a great sense of humour, a beautiful face and they are smart strong and confident.
"Wow did you see that girl Isla she is so cool"
by Cute croc October 26, 2018
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The name belonging to the type of person that constantly attempts to look up the meaning of their name, but can never find it. Their name is almost always mispronounced or changed completely because for some reason a silent "s" is too difficult to comprehend for most people, even though they go around saying words like "island" just fine. You can't spell Isla without the "s", then its not Isla.
Person 1: "How do you say your name? Is it 'izzla'? 'eyezlaa'?"
Person called Isla: "Its Isla, like "E-Y-E" and "L-A" smooshed together.
by fiyaflower May 22, 2018
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Isla is an incredibly beautiful girl, who can make anyone fall deeply in love. They usually seem fairly reserved at first, however once you get to know them they light up your entire world, with their vibrant personality and amazing character. Islas are always very hot, and manage to maintain their youth and beauty for as long as they may live. If you are dating an Isla, you must be one of the luckiest people alive. However, they are fragile and become broken after experiencing emotional trauma. Hold her close, support her and never ever let her go.
Shes sooo beautiful, thats my Isla
by shelton1993 April 16, 2017
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amazing, beautiful, great, funny and the best person you will ever meet in your life but only if you get to
OMG your such an isla
by ilymaddie March 2, 2017
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Isla has someone whose name starts with an a that likes her. That person is also a girl and is bi. That person needs you to like this so Isla can see it and by writing this definition that person is asking Isla out. She hopes you accept. Please like.
A likes Isla
by Say yes Isla. September 26, 2019
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If you spend time with an Isla for about 4 hours a day she'll fill your world with bliss and love. Most amazing characteristics include sassiness, strength, and a bottomless supply of ideas.

An Isla alone can both be neccessary and sufficient for happiness.
"This Nutella is so sweet..."
"Not as sweet as Isla!"
by Marshmellow_Bear September 4, 2017
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The name Isla is often found in Scotland, but the origins have been a mystery since language itself began to form barriers and structure. The greatest research efforts cannot pinpoint the true origin, however they do reveal a strong tie to the name 'Isla' and 'Love'. When looked at through Hebrew context, Isla is often the word used to describe intense passion and sensuality, however through the ages it has changed and adapted into words such as 'Love', 'Attraction' and even 'Sex'.

The word itself is an aphrodisiac, and women who carry the name are often both extremely beautiful and attractive. Surprisingly as well, a few character traits are consistent with those that have the name Isla, as if the word itself changes the way they perceive themselves and in turn the way the world perceives them.

These women keep their youth and vibrance with them throughout the years, growing only in wisdom and spirit. This anomaly contributes to their burning passion inside, an intense heat that holds true to their name.

However the consistency in all of the research being that they are also very fragile, moreso then their peers, because of that passion. Friendship then, is the true modernisation of the word, with only a few studies showing those with the name being more prone to taking risks and in turn breaking hearts.
Such attraction and passion in this painting' was once 'Painting commands such Isla
by ForcedKeystroke April 29, 2011
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