The sound of a dog barking at a brick wall. (Or the general sound of a dog barking.)
Your speech is as relevant as a dog barking at a brick wall, "Harf! Harf! Harf!"
by Matt January 09, 2004
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A phrase to describe when a person gets hurt — particularly when they are doing something goofy or stupid. The term is derived from the high pitched noise made by dogs when they are injured.

That guy tried to pop a wheelie and fell on his head. Did you see him harf himself?
by LiverpoolGuy February 23, 2009
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when something is split into two
ar gis' harf a dat ciggerette innit ye safe ye blap blap blap
by definition1000 May 27, 2005
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someone who likes porn, or who looks at porn, anyone with a wanker
Harf Pride
by Connor November 02, 2003
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The sound a dog or seal make while vomiting.

DOG TYPE: Dogs are known for their barks of joy, anger, happiness, etc....
In some rare occasions the dog barks and vomits at the same time, letting out the sound of 'harf'.
Please do note that this is highly improbable but may happen.

SEAL TYPE: Seals are known for their joyful arfs, a representative of many meanings.
Typically you will see seals at a circus performing with a beach ball and having the seal balance the ball on their nose. seals may barf while arfing and cause a sound of 'harf'

To harf down a meal is to eat it in a matter of time that it would usually not take.
Harfing something down would be faster because of hunger or for a contest, this is usually referred to wolfing, choking down, or in a figure of speech: 'inhaling'.
Seal says> Arf
Seal 2 says> Harf
Seal says> damn u lucky.

1 says> dude I'm so hungry.
2 says> I can tell, you're harfing it down.
by EPlelio August 27, 2017
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