To say or assert something so patently stupid and preposterous as to generate widespread mockery. Named in honor of State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf.
The State Department Spokesperson was harfing on about how Islamic State jihadists only needed job opportunities in order to give up their evil ways.
by Blushark February 21, 2015
to puke your guts out
I drank so much that I harfed all night.
by Melissa September 7, 2003
A noise one makes when unhappy with the goings on around him/her. Derived from the noise a dog makes when they don't get what they want
When I told the cashier I had another order, he rolled his eyes and harfed at me
by Autumn Beller June 5, 2009
When I seen her face Saturday, I about harfed.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
The misspelling of the word “hard” that’s quite frankly a better word and that could be used in any sentence ever
“Hey, Et, you like harf?”
“Yeah, I like harf.”
by harf. June 13, 2018
How Asians say the word "half". Their decent refuses to let them annunciate "L's" in the English language.
Customer: I'd like half chicken and half steak on my plate.

Asian Waitress: Ah. Harf chicken and harf steak. Yes?

Customer: Yes.
by Dane Cross February 4, 2010
To spit game or attempt to pick up bustdowns, short for Holla at real fast! Sometimes just barking at women suffices.
Dude, Lets go get drunk and Harf some chicks tonight
by Atownsfinest February 11, 2010