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A nickname that U.S. Marines call eachother when referring to an individual Marine that does their job well and is well respected among other Marines.
Sgt Lucas is a hard charger. He stayed until 1900 last night just to finish all of this extra work, and THEN ran a 10k this morning!
by jaynahc April 05, 2009
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1. One who floors the accelerator after sitting at a stoplight.

2. A term used on Ze Frank's daily vlog "the show" for some politicians or other people pretty much deemed as not cool.
The usage of the term of calling one a 'hard charger' is equivalent to calling that person an 'asshole', typically.
According to Ze Frank, Hard Chargers are the enemy of Sports Racers, the term he uses for his veiwers. Despite the fact that those who race in motorsports, at least, are often hard-chargers by the first definition of the word. This irony is probably intentional.
1. "I let that guy pass us because he's a hard-charger"

2. "Today in the news, some hard chargers in the senate... Oh NO! Hard charger alert!. Did some... etc"

by HDorriker June 27, 2006
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A hardcore bad-ass individual that drinks excessive amounts of beer/alcohol in a very short amount of time frequently and is still able to be productive. A Pelvis Smashing, Bull Shark'n, Beer Drinker. Finding Fixing and Finishing all beer.
Hard Charger, Sig O, Hard Charging Company, Keg Destroying with no more than 5 individuals in as little time as possible. Not going anywhere until all the beer in the entire house is cashed. Don't be a PUSSY!
by The CO of Charging Company November 21, 2008
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A typically young adult male who feels the need to burn excessive amounts of gasoline and endanger everyone else on the road because he has a tiny penis.
Man A: I'm a badass hard charger because I can push a small plastic petal with about half a pound of force! Yeah!
Man B: I'm a man because I have a dick.
by Danny N. July 20, 2006
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Someone who floors the gas at a stoplight, likely squeeling their tires as they take off.
A hard charger in a sports car pushes the pedal to the floor and takes off far ahead of the rest of the vehicles.
by Jones22 May 18, 2006
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When you stick you hard dick in an electric socket for maximum effort
I couldnt get the ol Wang up last night. SO I used a hard charger on my johnny and I feel like a new Man!
by Tbagg that hoe July 22, 2006
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A bad ass who floors it at a stoplight and goes peeling off down the road.
Girlfriend: Oh my, my super cool boyfriend! You are such a hard charger in your Ford Ranger!

Boyfriend: Hell yeah.
by TrippDogg May 12, 2006
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