A person of the fullest quality, not being watered down. Used to describe someone who is extremely genuine and has the purest intentions.
The thoughtful and sentimental letter Timmy sent Sally reaffirmed his reputation as being whole milk.
by Alcibiades123 March 22, 2021
Jumbo breasts that resemble those which belong to the stereo typical full figured dairy farmer.
"Why don't you date someone your age?"

"Dude, cougars rocking whole milk drive me up a wall!"
by Walter Phillips November 20, 2011
The Most Superior Kind Of Milk. Followed by 2%

We can all agree that, SKIM MILK FUCKING SUCKS ASS
2% milk or Whole Milk?
by The Milk Man™ May 23, 2020
Whole Milk Whole Cheese Foo Foo Frisky!
Darryl drinks Whole Milk!
by Unknown August 7, 2003
Niggas live for these thots... and these thots be loving it now that's whole milk
by amberStill_blushing January 8, 2015
When your're drinking a fresh, cold glass of whole milk with a chocolatey dessert and physically cannot stop drinking until the glass is completely empty.
person 1: "why cant i stop drinking whole milk?!!?!?"

person 2: "the whole milk phenomenon."
by Dr.Steph M(ilk) October 16, 2018
A girl who is a little larger than the rest. One who regularly has a burger with cheese super sized, a large drink and would never miss a chance for dessert. she knows she is big and is happy with that, knows that some guys like a larger women.
bro have you seen Mikes new girlfriend? yep she is a whole milk girl.
by Tesla2016 March 18, 2019