happy slaps, happy slapping.

Slapping a random person (they can be on the bus, walking down the street, whatever) whilst recording the act with a video camera phone. It's a very unfortunate London phenomenon. Attackers are usually yoots (ghetto versions of chavs) thinking they are rudeboys. Victims are usually boys around the same age as the attackers, but it's not unknown for victims to be older, or even women. Sometimes the tables are turned, as there are videos going around where the attacker is happy slapped by the victim. More power to the victims, I say. The act is totally random, so be on the lookout for a group of pussified yoots pointing their camera phone (that their mum bought) at you.
I hope to God that one day a happy slap victim is a psycho and shanks the happy slapper in the face.

If you get happy slapped, grab the camera phone and smash it on the ground.
by hatehumanity November 30, 2004
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A stupid craze where the victim is attacked, and the incident recorded. Supposedly against the law, although lots of incidents are not brought to police attention. Is not always to random people, can be someone well known to the attacker, and the violence can be a form of revenge. Not always teenage boys-I was 13 when I was attacked by a girl a year younger.
I was filmed at school having food thrown at me and my friends and then me being slapped. The teacher whose attention it was brought to gave punishment for the violence, not for the happy slap. Through lying and crying, my attacker managed to spread the rumour that I was the attacker, and her the poor discrimated victim.
by techygirl August 15, 2006
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A situation in which a chav or scally will approach you with the aim of filming you being slapped, punched, or otherwise inconvenienced, but instead gets a broken jaw, a hospital stay and his phone stolen.

The happy part is sending the video to every single person in the would-be perpetrator's phone, especially if there's one called "Mam".
If anyone tries happy slapping me when I am next in England then this is what will happen.
by Squealpiggy September 16, 2005
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Youths trying to act rude can be most male and female randomly slapping people either complete strangers or people they know. More recently it is private school kids in London(have been some cases in southend) trying to prove they arent lil rich kids. Started in public schools. After it was made illegal the name has been changed and there are now many different names plus many different variations of how it's done.
Group of boys aged 15 approach me from behind nd happy slap me. i spin round, grab the phone and through it under a passing bus. Phone completely crushed. Me laughing.
by casual April 7, 2005
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A craze where complete idiots in an attempt to gain popularity with their complete idiot friends film themselves attacking innocent passers by.
this happened to me once , there was 2 boys about my age and one had a video phone pointed at me and the other was walking over to me , the boy went to happy slap me and I headbutted the tosser right in the nose and chased his friend off. Though if it happens to you and theres more people , just run.
by FCUKIN CHAVS October 12, 2005
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Its a SICK SICK craze, pursued by youngsters. It involves a gang of youths going up to random people in public or in school and physically victimising them when they least expect it. Meanwhile, one of the gang members is busy filming the violence and stupididity with a video phone, for the gang to laugh at. It is horrible and terrifying for the innocent victim;Hilarious for the sad gang.
Happened to me. Walking down the street at 10pm at night quite innocently on the way home from a club with my younger sister and 2 of her friends when a load of people of about our age started on us. The damage caused was dead painful, and it seemed a lot longer than it probably was. Meanwhile, this wanker said "smile for the camera" and filmed us with a video phone
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A growing craze mostly popular with groups of chavs, especially in the London area, where they single out a complete stranger and smack them on the head, usually whilst recording it on a video phone, then do a runner.

The victim is almost always totally unaware, and they use it to their advantage so the vicim doesn't have a chance to grab the slapper and beat the living shit out of them.
Happy slappers are more evidence that humanity is either doomed or splitting.
by generic May 26, 2005
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