"look at these two yoots"
by nork April 30, 2005
An increased yeet. Used when yeet does not have the extent of excitement needed for the situation. The origin of yoot comes from the modern word yeet, commonly used in basketball. Yoot was made by the man Kye Heemskerk at the age of 17
James scored a three pointer and in excitement he yelled "yeet". The next day he scored a full court shot and yelled "yoot!"
by Skeetersmerks March 12, 2018
A South London teenager, usually no older than 15 years old, wears all black clothes such as nike tracksuits, hoodies and sometimes a scarf to be used as a mask, these adolescent fuck-holes do their very best to make London look like the shittest place on earth, using terms such as 'bruv, blud, fam, fuck the police' (the Police being the first people they call the moment the shit hits the fan) they think they are hard with their wild gorilla swings, 4 inch blades to match the size of their penises, and mob mentality. the only effective protection from 'yoots' is:
Boxing and/or Kickboxing
Automatic machine gun
Molotov Cocktails
Hand drills
Walking along the street, minding your own business, Suddenly, you are confronted by a group of 'yoots'

Yoot: "Oi bruv, where you goin fam, gimme your phone or i'm gonna jook(Stab) you up innit?"

Do you:
1) Attack the Aggressor
2) Give the Aggressor what he wants
3) Run from the Aggressor

If you chose 1, the rest of the group will likely scatter, or you may have to hit another

If you chose 2, they will likely want more, if you are female, there is a chance that you might be raped.

If you chose 3, the group will likely give chase, you should aim to get into public places, preferably one with a security guard, such as police stations or Banks.
by Collapsed March 6, 2013
A young person. (ie "Youth").

Originally from the 1992 film; My Cousin Vinny" when Vincent Gambini, played by
Joe Pesci, proncouces "youth" as yoot, due to his heavy New York accent.
Judge: “Did you say 'yoots'?”
Vinny: “Yeah, two yoots.”
Judge: “What is a 'yoot'?”
Vinny: “Oh, excuse me, your honor. Two youths.”
by Triy McClure July 15, 2005
This boi done got yooted
(Pronounced y-o-ted)
by BoiWithABrain November 21, 2017
Past tense of yeet. Can mean anything in past tense.
“she just yooted that nigga

“i yooted that bitch when she brought out the strap on”
“my girlfriend yooted me when i asked for head”
by Yeet Meister March 7, 2018