the making of plans with a friend or group of people
'let's make happs'
by eshay hater August 25, 2020
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a shortened expression referring to Applebee's Half-Priced Appetizers after 10 PM
Guy 1: "Hey what do you guys want to do tonight?"

Guy 2: "I'm starving, lets go grab some happs down at Applebees!"
by Almost Famous HD May 15, 2011
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Happs stands for half off appetizers. Applebee's has half off apps, or happs, starting at 8 every night.
Ex 1: Wanna get happs later?

Ex 2: I'm at Applebee's for happs.
by the fifans January 11, 2016
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Happ is the sourcing acronym for AP History classes. When analyzing the document, you may need to understand and identify the Historical context, Audience, Purpose and Point of view (HAPP). Good luck to all in future slang determinations.

Mr. Williams
Teacher: I put the HAPP in WHAP my friends. Give me AP World or give me death.

Student: No cap
by TeoDubbs97 October 22, 2020
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Short for "happenin", Used mainly in greeting (see example)
Me: Yo, wats happ??
Friend: nm, u??
Me: same
by Demonik Sorciz September 10, 2006
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