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While most people think this class is designed to teach advanced history to ambitious high school sophomores, it was actually designed as an intricate form of assisted suicide.

Students enrolled in AP world (or any AP class) will learn lots and lots of stuff that you already knew from the previous 10 years of schooling, but you will learn it in a different format. Meaning notes. Lots of notes.

Also you will want to die every night at 1am when you're only halfway through the 40-page chapter and you can't stop because you already have a disgusting C- average and you are an AP student for a reason and you want A's.

Also you will stop doing all your other classes' homework because you can only see your AP world grade, so now you have C's in everything! Yay!

By the time it's over, you will be burnt out. But never fear - next year is AP US history.......
Ken: "Hey, Carrie, wanna hang out?"
Carrie: "I'd like to, but I have an AP World test tomorrow and it has three essays that I have to write outlines for as well as studying five 30-page chapters for the actual test part. So I can't."
by stressed out nerd November 27, 2011
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The fucking hardest shit you will ever take in your life. Its also known as AP slit your wrists vertically. DONT TAKE THIS FUCKING CLASS. You do the stupidest shit ever, noone ever gave a fuck about confucist fags, and noone ever will except for the douchbag fuckfaces that wrote the book. Also you'll love the Ap test, i basically read the first question, and then took a shit on it and handed it in. Nah but seriously its an awesome class i loved it. HAHAHAHA NOT! if your in this class, bring multiple clean razorblades, you'll need them. acutally it doesnt matter if theyre clean, cuz either way you should kill yourself if your in this class.
Student 1: How was the ap world test?
Student 2: How do you think the fuckin test was? instead of bringing a pencil, bring a gun to shoot yourself
Student 1: Oh aight man thanks.
by Fuckschool/college March 04, 2009
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The stupidist, most annoying class you'll ever take. The teacher makes you read a whole chapter and take notes on that chapter on the weekend. The reading quizzes are impossible because all of the questions come down to 50-50 and which ever one you put down will be wrong.
If youre going to take an AP class, DONT take AP world.
by Duke fan 4 life November 03, 2011
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