One of America's finest musicians and the greatest musician of country music. A fan of blues, gospel, folk, and bluegrass, he took wandering grassroots genres of music and made them into important musical achievements of our time. With hits like "Hey Good Lookin'" "Jambalaya" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" to name a few, he paved the country music landscape with his lyrical talent and fondness for American born music. A rockstar before there were rockstars, he abused alcohol and died at the young age of thirty.
"Here that lonesome whipporwill,
he sounds too blue to fly,
The midnight train is whinin' low,
I'm so lonesome I could cry"
by Blackbird June 27, 2005
A country music legend. His career was started in 1957 at the age of 8 and has been going on since then throughout his whole life. He has 56 studio albums, 25 compilation albums, and 25 music videos. His daddy passed when he was 3 on January 1st, 1953 from an overdose on pills and alcohol. His father, one of the top country artists of all time, influenced his career more than any other artist. His mother, Audrey Williams, also a singer, had little bocephus singing his father's songs as that is what people wanted to hear due to his dad's untimely passing and his legendary, goosebump giving lyrics. Usually referred to as Jr. by people who know his dad, Jr. reached his peak popular culture-wise in the mid to late 80s, although some would argue his talents songwriting-wise have only improved since then. Hank was born down in Shreveport but has lived in places such as Alabama, Kentucky, and the great state of Montana. Hank has gone through a lot, which has shaped his personality and style of playing, events such as sr. dying, falling off Ajax mountain down on the Idaho-Montana border, and most recently, his daughter passing away. These things have shaped him not only as an artist but a person. Regardless of everything that has happened, he is still one of the best to ever do it.
Wow! that boy Hank can sure play a mean line of instruments

Hank Williams Jr. is sure one of the best to ever do it!

Hank is having a concert here this weekend, wanna go?
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
He is A great Country & western singer, and the son of Hank Williams. He had 9 albums on the top 40 Country Billboard all at the same time.
Let’s listen to some Hank Williams Jr music.
by liveforgiving May 18, 2021
A absolute legend. A man of all men. Someone who will put you in your place. A man of word and dignity.
Person:I’ve never heard of Hank Williams jr.
You:you’re telling me you’ve never heard bocephus’s amazing voice? Let me change your life.
Them: shoot okay
by Cowboykilla January 16, 2022