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To pull only the ball sack out of the zipper, leaving the penis inside the pants, so the result looks like a brain hanging there.
Dan got stoned and walked around the party hanging the brain again. For a while, nobody noticed ... until he walked over to the girls sitting on the couch and they started screaming.

"Holy shit! Does Joe have his ballsack out?"
"Yeah, he always hangs the brain when he's shitfaced."

Emily, the Bennigan's door whore found out the waiters sometimes walked around hanging the brain under their aprons, so she often pulled them up when they walked by carrying food.

The waiters at Bennigan's hang the brain under their aprons when they are having a crappy tip night. There is nothing like having your balls out just a few inches from a guest's face to keep you smiling and laughing.
by mandymoshottimus March 27, 2015
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