1. a hot girl, your girlfriend, lover, etc

2. misspelling of honey that caught on
p1: bye haney <3
p2: love you
by - .. .-. .. .- April 13, 2011
A Powerfull god-like Being with a Huge Monster Cock

P.1 Hey are you A Haney? No? i wish i was! :(
I wish i was a Haney i wish i could be him he is so powerful and amazing give me that BIG FAT 12 INCH MONSTER COCK
by Krusades May 30, 2018
God like being with a I MEAN A GIANT FUCKING PENIS! this nigga haney just wowow omg i wish my Boy Friend was HANEY?!

Girl 1: Hey have you seen haney?
Girl 2: Yes, he just fucked the shit out of me with that 13 inch monster that thing has a mind of its own :O
by IjustloveBIGBITCHES March 13, 2019
He is an ass hole if u r a girl watch him because he is watching u he has been caught watching porn in class like 4 times in all just stay away
I can’t believe I have horny Haney for com arts Paul Haney is a dick
by Ding dong wing Wong November 2, 2019