When you flop your soft dong onto a table full of men to assert dominance.
I walked into a bar and didn't know anyone, so I walked up to a table of bikers and gave them a Sir Thomas.
by Butt Coat September 7, 2022
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To assume or represent in a drama; act out: “Participants are encouraged to pass on leads about jobs... and to role-play interview situations with each other”
"I want to get along with everyone, and be friends with Game Masters, then do permissable PvP acts in-game, so everyone still loves me. Basically I want to be a SIR THOMAS."
by Havard Educator April 18, 2003
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flushing lavatory, invented by Sir Thomas Crapper (although the term 'crapper' meaning 'somewhere to shit' was in use for hundreds of years previously)
by maggot February 25, 2005
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A 16 year old man with a mustache who wanders the woods in search of hidden planets and thinks he's been to alsaka in -100 degree weather also they think that freezing temperature starts at 30 degrees what a joke. They also smell like peanut butter, they endulge in many activities including games on the computer like tetris, light bike , and conquering the underworld with with his sword of 1000 truths which penatrate the wombs of a 1000 souls.
A SIR Thomas asman is like a pet dog, a litter of mice, oh so freshly killed roadkill like ground squirrel that live nativly to Idaho. they are also closly related to the common class retart who doesnt enjoy mustard on their sandwitches
by some purple panda May 25, 2010
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A Transitional stage, when an online gamer goes from "Role-Player", to Player vs. Player activity.
"You're the newbie! I may have been a SIR THOMAS at one time, but I've seriously changed my ways. I'll kick your ass anyday."
by Panemon The Educator June 5, 2003
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