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A late night salad created by taking a large leaf of lettuce, placing several different items inside such as bacon bits, cheese, tomatoes and salad dressing. Fold the lettuce over like a burrito, hold it in your hand with no plate or utensils and eat it.
Man, I was really wasted last night but that hand salad I made tasted delicious.
by leaf lover May 27, 2011
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The act of using one's hand or fingers to pleasure the butt hole of his/her partner (in lieu of using the tongue), usually whilst aiding in masturbation.

The term was made famous by members of the DFW, Tx radio show, The Russ Martin Show.
I'm not gonna toss your salad, but I'll give you a hand salad.

I'm tired baby, how about just a hand salad.
by joey_blowme July 07, 2017
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