A prank played on a co-worker, typically a schrute
Oh man, he sure pulled a halpert on that schrute over there
by avaron September 28, 2006
A prank played on a co-worker, typically a schrute
Oh man, he sure pulled a halpert on that schrute over there.
by avaron September 27, 2006
When you are banging a girl from behind through the bottom of your Tommy Bahama shorts, wearing a tucked in pink polo shirt, while watching CNBC and or reading the Wall Street Journal screaming "Fuck me you dirty little derivative."
Last week I halperted this cute I-banking chick I picked up at Barnes and Nobles in the Business section
by Sammy Franfurter August 20, 2007
When your friend makes a bad joke so you overreact so he won't feel bad...
Me: *Tells a joke*
Friend: omg so fucking funny I cant ahahah🤣😂🤣😂
Me: did you just halpert me?
by Thehoemaker December 26, 2020
Only the most beautiful human being you'll ever meet. This amazing green-eyed Uruguayan guy is probably the cutest, most intelligent person ever. He'll teach you new things everyday and will always make you laugh. He gives the best hugs that make you feel safe and warm. He has the freaking best taste in music and is so knowledgeable. He will constantly blow you away with his complex mind and his ability to think deeper than anyone else. He is the kindest, most caring person who always wants to help others. He's the type to relax and watch movies with under a blanket AND the type to go out traveling and trying new things with. His will-power to do what makes him happy shows he'll definitely be going places in life. He especially loves to crunk and grunk. His amazing snuggling skills and taking hints (if you know what I mean) will always leave you missing him when he's not around. You'll be the luckiest person if you can find yourself a Halpert.
"I met the most amazing guy in the world today"
"Oh, do you mean you met a Halpert??"
by Itsbeesly October 3, 2017
The GOD of all pranks against a certain beet farmer.
Called “Big Tuna” by Andy Bernard.
Also, he will steal your girl.

Then marry her.
Roy: “Halpert stole my bride!”
Michael:”That is so..... SO like Jim.”
Roy: “Jim Halpert.”
by Le cat in le box. May 31, 2018
Jim Halpert? He's the most delicious snack I've ever seen.
by MaggotyFoods June 21, 2019