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A free-to-play Korean MMORPG playable in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, North America, SEA, Australia, and New Zealand. In North America, Nexon runs and operates the game on their servers. Dragon Nest can appeal to all gamers, it has anime style animation but is an action based. It uses a non-target combat system (similar to shooting games). Within the game you can team up with other players and do dungeons, Nests, create guilds, party, do sexy dances, and complete both story and non-story quests.
Did you buy NX cash again?
Yeah, it was for Dragon Nest.
by NinjaBunnii99 September 01, 2011
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A fantasic game with one of the most appealing graphic and fast pace system. However, since "the good old days" the game went a 180 degree downhill. Game is now so reliant on having op epic costumes where u cant do end game content (rune hc) without them. Yes, they are tradable but due to the bs rate of synthesis, the supply is scarce especially for top/bot. People litterally sometime spend 1 month just to find that one piece. The game also became milk-the-cow city, where ED is litterally not giving 2 shit about the game and is litterally giving P2W event every month and is secretly watching the game burn. Glitches, bugs, bs and cant fking hire a translator for the patches and have to deal with ambiguous grammar in patch notes. Litterally a fuck up in an event every week or so. Flips event, forgets to input event and replaces it with black screen event and then gives shit ass compensation. Game is great with an abusive company that treats their player like dirt and players cant do shit in this dictatorship. Also since 80 cap, this game is just non stop recycle and its still going on. Kills all the nest just to return them back with tweaked numbers and like 1 more mech(so fking dedicated).
ClariS: What are you doing rn?
Ahnee: Playing Dragonnest ofc
ClariS: Great Game abusive company doe, if only u experienced 40-60 cap, youll see the game is shit compare to back
by Lezakak October 21, 2017
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A really really high potential internet game run by the devil- (NA VERSION FROM THE NA DEVIL)*cough*cough* Nexon *cough* Fast Action RPG with many cool things, like awesome gold sellers and botters.

Even awesomer things include-
Fail IG GM's
Event items that are showed up by items that cost $20USD
And your very own Failsauce with a side of unanswered support tickets...
Friend-"Let's play some Dragon Nest, I heard it was a good game from my cousin in Korea..."

You-"Sorry I heard the company that runs it has more haters that George Bush, President Obama, John Mc-Crutch, and Justin Bieber combined 'sadface'"
by Drumfire August 15, 2011
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