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wild child always looking for trouble or adventure
Who else other than hallee!
by hallee January 06, 2004
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A beautiful blonde with blue eyes. Easily attracts guys. A very trustworthy friend. Has stunning blue eyes. Dresses very stylish. Has a million personality’s. She hangs out with guys mostly and is always down for an adventure. She is such a beauty and has a outrageous amount of friends, she makes friends easily. She’s very rich and has the nicest style.
Get a friend like Hallee.
That’s such a Hallee.
by Lantham William February 02, 2018
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1)the coolest
2)the best at something
3)the champion
She's totally hallee!
He's the hallee at painting.
They are the hallee of all basketball players!
by Bob November 29, 2003
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A strong little one, who has herpes and loves Asian trees, this being also eats air and plans to toture people she hates with her best friend.
"Hello my name is Hallees I eat air and love toturing people I hate :)"
by Jacobxx April 10, 2015
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The most uneducated Asian ever, who does not know the meaning of white on rice. She also a maid who enjoys long walks on the beach with men named Norm.
'Did you see that uneducated Asian?" "Yea, she was a total Hallee"
by I am your dad. February 10, 2011
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