How you feel when you love somebody, but you know what's happening is for the best. You don't want it to happen, but you both know that it needs to.

Your heart belongs to them, leaving you feeling empty and alone; with only half a heart.
Lover 1: "I miss you"
Lover 2: "I miss you more"
L1: "No, you don't, I'm living with half a heart"
L2: "I'm living with a quarter of a heart, as mine belongs with you"
by tu_luna July 8, 2018
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When someone sends you a picture of them making half a heart with their fingers, it means your drop dead gorgeous xx see how many you can get…
Half a heart means that you are drop dead gorgeous
by Manky690 May 12, 2022
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Chasing two people at the same time. Resulting in a conflicted state of heart because you're not sure which one to choose. You end up hurting the other because you've been stringing them along.
No half heart, it's either you're in or you're out. You're hurting everyone by doing so.
by priciliachang February 8, 2015
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non commited fingering of the anus.
"i was going down on my girlfriend while giving her a half-hearted jab, bit like poking a dead cat"
by cumguzzlingchutneyferet May 16, 2009
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To consider or work on something without enthusiasm or effort
Don't just toy with the idea of becoming an actor and take it half-hearted, if you really want to be an actor, work for it!
by Zami Karzai September 14, 2018
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When a girl makes a sexual moan, but its delivery makes her sound liken a horse having trouble naying.
I was having sex with a girl last night, but she sounded like a half-hearted horse.
by Xreader May 17, 2015
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