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when you spend 24 hours on skype with someone special; truly a momentous occasion.
person 1: i got to 24h skype with my man
person 2: damn that's a long time
person 1: ik, it's impressive right
by tu_luna June 18, 2018
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when someone (usually your man/your man who's not actually your man) looks so good, they literally are a model.
a term for a guy whom is so attractive and good looking, they look like a model.
friend 1: "damn, who's that?"
friend 2: "he my mans, he's a model"
F1: "he's a model??"
F2: "i mean, he's actually not but you know what i mean"
F1: "okay, he's a model"
by tu_luna July 9, 2018
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How you feel when you love somebody, but you know what's happening is for the best. You don't want it to happen, but you both know that it needs to.

Your heart belongs to them, leaving you feeling empty and alone; with only half a heart.
Lover 1: "I miss you"
Lover 2: "I miss you more"
L1: "No, you don't, I'm living with half a heart"
L2: "I'm living with a quarter of a heart, as mine belongs with you"
by tu_luna July 8, 2018
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What you call your man to show him he's yours.
Translates to"my king" in Spanish; shows love and affection in place of ownership, like it would in English.
Lover 1: "Hola mi rey"
Lover 2: "Hola mi princesa"
by tu_luna May 4, 2018
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when you and your man talk until midnight
l: "🕛 midnight session"
d: "🕛🕛🕛"
by tu_luna July 20, 2018
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The Catalan form of 'Diego', also based on the name 'Didacas' from Medival Spain.

A wonderful, kind, giving man who has an extremely bright future due to his intelligent and empathetic nature; a name given to extremely attractive men. Those with the name Didac are thoughtful people, whom enjoy seeing others happy. He also enjoys helping and caring for others, even when they don't deserve it. He is an excellent listener and will help you work through your thoughts; he is there when you need him most.
Even though 'Diego' is a generally common name, Didacs are very rare and precious people, hold onto them and they will never let you down. Be there for him and he will be there for you.
The man you wouldn't mind becoming a ghost with so you can fly around together and scare people.
Person 1: "That guy is so hot!!"
Person 2: "I know, he's a Didac."
Person 1: "How do you know?!"
Person 2: "Just look at him, he's gorgeous!"
by tu_luna May 4, 2018
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The Catalan version of Diego, this is a good-natured man whom only wants the best for you. The original form is Didacus from Medieval Spanish, with three namesakes; Saint Diego of Alcala, Blessed Diego Carvalho and Blessed Diego Jose of Cadiz; all a.k.a. Didacus.
Didac himself is one-of-a-kind; a highly intelligent, empathetic and gorgeous man. Once you have yourself a Didac, never left him go.

Other forms of Didac include Diego and Santiago (Spanish), Jacob (English), and Thiago (Portuguese).
1; "Who's that guy over there? Do you know him?"
2; "Yes, his name's Didac and he's mine - no looking."
1; "But he's so hot..."
2; "Exactly."
by tu_luna January 30, 2018
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