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an audi a4 is not a drunkin fin car....i dont know what that ee\ven means, anyways. the a4 is a truely impressive car, not only for spectators (ok, so some body styles arent that good looking) but for the driver. even the oldest inspiratio ns for the a4 are truely magnificent cars. they drive, handle, and are styled beautifully. i prefer the a4 to many BMWs and especialy most mercedes. while, yes, the car is expensive to fix, you dont need to fix it that often, but for the car, a simple, large check is a smal sacrifice for such a driving experience.
its an EASY car to speed in. drives like a dream and it is fast.... al the body styles are fast and well engineered. audi a4 is a great car
by Guess Whoooo July 11, 2006
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A car not only owned by a drunkin Fin, but every time it goes in for a simple oil change, the mechanics find $3000.00 dollars worth of breakdowns. Many who own this car regret not buying a ford focus.
Look...Its a Drunkin Fin driving a car with doors that don't lock because the alarm goes off....It must be an Audi A4.
by Coonetta April 26, 2005
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