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When a member of an online community leaves a group or forum because they just can't take the heat - can be performed with or without a lame exit speech.
"Where did that Jennifer girl go?"

"She hairflipped when she was called out by Lizz because she is isn't adult enough to come explain her stupidity."
by JustAShick May 19, 2015
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what girls do 2 get attention from any cute guy looking at them, a form of flirting
girl: i think he likes you.
girl 2: only one way to tell *hair flip*
guy: wow, she's hot.
by hot-holton-punk January 23, 2005
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a action used to express the emotion of "fuck it"...made famous by Chris Crocker
Sally: " That bitch stole your man?!!?"
Lisa: "Yeah" :-(
Sally: " Ummmm i say do a hair flip and move on"
Lisa: " Yeah you right...(flip....fuck 'em"
by Shae'Lynn April 06, 2008
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The act of flipping one's hair over one's shoulder to convey a dismissive sentiment, acknowledge a compliment, or assert one's sassy nature.
Deciding she had no time for such low quality banter Katie hair flipped, spot turned on her heels, and strutted away.
by Simone101 September 22, 2016
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1) The act of flipping hair.

2) The act of flipping hair to move on from a failed relationship, as suggested and depicted by Chris Crocker (several times) in his youtube video, The Hairflip.
Chick: I hate my ex, Chris, what do I do?!

Chris: If ya best friend stole ya man, say you know what? She can have my man but she cant have my hair extensions, and you flip that hair until that bitch is gone, outta your mind. It ain't no thang, it's a hairflip!
by cathedraldream May 28, 2010
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Somthing a girl does or ...i guess a guy with long hair could do this too. it's just simply when you flip you beautiful hair over your sholder and roll your eyes
I'm prettier than her...rite?**hair flip**
by wearenowfamouse December 17, 2002
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To flip another person's hair, usually playfully...sometimes even flirtatiously.
Come up from behind a gal with long hair, and slap at her hair in a brush-to-the-side motion so it flips around.
by Jilina September 27, 2005
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