A beautiful unique name given to a special person. Hails are usually tall for their age and extremely stunning. They are funny and shy, but if you get to know them they are pretty crazy.
Their dark side is very dark, almost like a hail storm. NEVER argue with a Hail or you will end up with two broken legs.
If you meet a Hail, be friends with them! They have amazing bonds with people and are willing to talk to anyone. You are lucky if you meet a hail.
p1: "I went on a date with Hail yesterday"
p2- "HAIL?? She's beautiful!"
by Hopeful__ July 26, 2017
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occurs when a large sum of coins are tossed at a stripper instead of paper money, the tossing of paper money constitutes the phrase "making it rain"
by Mighty Morphin Power Moose December 06, 2008
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Hails is a infinitely unique abbreviation of the woman's name Hayley.

Its symbolises a hail storm of extreme intensity and passion. These metaphorical storms are usually irrational and unreasonable but comprise of humanitarian sustenance and an inherent loving nature. It is the water balance to the fire of the sun.

It is also extremely unpredictable and metaphorically can cause considerable collateral damage if unprepared for. Parallel to this manifestation of malevolence is a broadcasting of benevolence: the white witch; the fuck to the nut; the lioness to the jungle; the Ri (eye) of Ra.

#1: watt's your problem ?

#2: fuckin' hails went bollistic again....
by mirroring cockhead October 26, 2008
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Crack rock of such great quality it appears as hail.
Johnny: "That boy's been smoking straight hail for days! He acting nuts!"
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by suhdudez July 29, 2017
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