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used as slang by troops in Iraq to describe an Iraqi citizen. Usually used in an offensive context. Also spelled Hajji, because noone can make up thier minds which is correct.
Hadji is actually a term of respect for muslims who have made the piligrmage to Mecca and completed the "Hajj". Those who have completed the Hajj often have Hajj added as a prefix to thier name when being formally addressed.
I don't trust those fucking hadjis, they wave at you one day and shoot at you the next.
by Kelley March 20, 2004

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poppin or gridin on the dance floor
damn that girl was jukin all up on that dance floor.
by Kelley April 28, 2003

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1. (adj.)A real hard-nosed badass
2. (adj.) A 'suit' - someone who dresses in a black suit on a regular basis
3. (adj. plural) A collection of black-suited clones that gather together ie: On the train, at work, in a Starbucks, on a sidewalk.
1. That Agent Smith of a copper bloody took my bag away! It was only enough to roll one!
2. That Agent Smith over there is looking at you. Pity about the sunglasses.
3. Look at those bloody Agent Smiths walking into work. Good thing I'm on the dole.
by Kelley December 10, 2003

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non-commital make out sessions. Almost like a one night stand, but without the actual penetration.
one night stands are too iffy, so I'll go out and get me a ncmo tonight.
by Kelley March 20, 2004

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A spontaneous reaction to absolutely nothing which involves one individual of the group declaring the act and the other members acknowledging the declaration by flailing themselves at nearby walls while yelling 'earthquake party,' along with sounds that compliment the smashing of one's body into walls as if an earthquake were occurring.
Dude, I think it's time for an "EARTHQUAKE PARTY!!!!!!"
earthquake (smash, bang, crah) party (slwap, oof, DUDE!) yeah!!!!!!!
by Kelley October 07, 2002

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Highly elusive, hard to find.
Things that get stuck in the couch, or an antelope hiding from its predator. Can be used to desribe people, things, or animals. Most often used as an adjective.
I haven't talked to Brett in a week, he's being very wujal.
by Kelley August 01, 2003

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the hottest punk band in the world. with the hottest lead singer and guitarist of all the land...JEREMY=)..umm kelleys the hot groupie!! and its the best!!! BUY OUR CDS!!!!!!!
have you heard of the greenhouse riots new cd naked parade?
I love me too!!
by kelley January 22, 2004

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