1. in reference to using something
2. to have had sex with
3. to loose or to be beat
I had her.
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
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h.a.d. headwear produces multifunctional bandanas that can be used as a cap, desert scarf, headband, scarf, hairnod etc.

They come in many different colors and patterns and were used mostly by race drivers. It has now become a trend to wear them everywhere.
I love my h.a.d. The pattern is called Impression

it's so cold outside, I'm gonna head back inside to get my h.a.d.
by AlleyHoop January 07, 2010
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This expression originated from the community xtreme-jumps.eu. One of the members said: "I can't even describe how hard that is... I take my had off for you mate!"

There is no real definition of what a had is, or what it looks like, but you can define it as something very valuable, holy and worthy. By taking off your had, or doing a various of other actions with it, is a sign that you are, or will get very amazed.

Which guys are in the possession of such a had, is currently unknown, but the hads aren't existing in big numbers. Not many people has gotten their hand on one. Rumor has it that even the King of Britain has one.

"Had" is becoming a known term in the community called xtreme-jumps.eu(XJ)
I'll take my had off for you. I will eat my had if you make that! This jump is worthy of the had.
by wRath` December 21, 2008
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Washed up, used up, HUNGRY, sucked up, fucked up, smoked out, looking aged, sleep deprived
"That girl looks HAD"..... "her hairs cute though"
by we dem boyz February 18, 2015
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