Acronym for Hard Ass Dick. Its the male equivalent to WAP (Wet Ass Pussy).
Whores in this house.
There's some whores in this house.

They gon' fuck around and get this HAD.
by SilkyJohnson13 August 23, 2020
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Washed up, used up, HUNGRY, sucked up, fucked up, smoked out, looking aged, sleep deprived
"That girl looks HAD"..... "her hairs cute though"
by we dem boyz February 19, 2015
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Acronym meaning 'Hyrdated and Dehydrated' describing a skin colour nobody can decide on. Hyrdated and dehydrated are references to urine colours (hydrated being clear/dehyrdated being yellow) when they mix to form a pale yellow. A mixture of white/black/yellow in someone's skin colour.
Jack: What the fuck colour is Tim?
Matt: I have no idea he's like everything mixed into some fucked up colour.
Joey: Yeah he's HAD.
by JackLank October 7, 2008
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Urban Dictionary:- HAD Acronym meaning 'Handbags at Dawn' describing when someone has an over reaction to something of no consequence or just a plain old hissy fit for no discernible reason.
Jim: Fuck off with your pathetic joke!
Steve: WWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Raises hands in front of body, together, lifting imaginary handbag.) Handbags at dawn !
Joey: Yeah he's HAD.
by DJPeachy November 15, 2011
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“we all know what had had is, except lilah
by hadhadislife October 10, 2022
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Created by social media entrepreneurs who feel like anything is possible , 'Had To' is a short way of saying 'Because I had to'. Meaning there was no other option but having to do it.
'Had to bang it'
'Had to merk it'
You score a goal on Pro Evo and tell your opponent 'Had to'
Put the roof down on the your convertible because you 'Had to'
by Aaron Le Doubles July 17, 2010
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My girlfriend said she didn't cheat on me, later I found out I was had.
by Tiny Organ September 21, 2006
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