A person who works in an apolitical or non-partisan occupation but feels the need to interject political views into everything to advance a particular agenda.
Person 1: Hey, did you catch any of the late shows last night?
Person 2: I haven't bothered lately.
Person 1: Why's that?
Person 2: They're all hosted by hacks now. I just want to be entertained after a long day rather than get lectured about politics.
by Inclusion, comrade! February 03, 2018
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H : hanya
A : aku
C : cinta
K : kau
S : seorang
got it???

e.g :
babe : H.A.C.K.S
boy : me tooo!!!
by nias September 27, 2007
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To hackey sack, toss around a netted ball filled with beads, you cannot use your hands at all.
Eeeh, it was a calm weekend, we just sat around and hacked.
by Chels March 13, 2005
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To use the sharp end of a hockey stick to whack someone in the shins during a hockey game. It fucking hurts.
Mark: Shit man, that hurt. Ref, he hacked me!
Ref: I didn't see it, keep playing.
Mark: What the hell?! Thats a foul! I don't need this, I'm outie.
by cosmoplitan November 08, 2006
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Skills; such as in video games; computer skills; mostly technology related.
"Dude you changed your grades?"
"Most def dude I've got mad hacks."
by Super Singley June 13, 2008
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*To break into a computer and access files and what-not, often by clandestine and illegal means.
*A term referring to a cheater in a game of CS.
"I'm going to access the confidential Metal Gear files."
"Isn't it protected by a password and firewall?"
"Yes but...there are ways. ^_~ "
-Otacon & Snake conversing about trying to find out about the PAL system

"That guy's too good. He must be a hacker. Damn him!"
-me, getting my ass kicked by someone who is just too damn good at CS
by Dave April 16, 2004
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