1.to break in a computer and destroy it aka a hacker
2. when you cough up snot and spit it on the ground
3. attempt to break into something or somwhere. Aka break a window to get in a house
i caught these punks trying to hack into my house.
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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A girl hanging around a guy u like. it just happens 2 be that u dont like that girl either be cuz she's a bitch or cuz u dont know her and she's hanging out with him.
1) Look at that hack hanging around our man.

2)Britaney is such a hack.
by Mexican Gangsta Boo June 8, 2005
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When someone is a complete idiot and does everything wrong,thinks they are are doing it right, and is a douche bag.
by i hate mrs graham July 17, 2003
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the magical art of computers, including making viruses
me and my buddies know someone who hacks
by __,.-/M3cKo\-.,__ March 24, 2005
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1) A person who passes off someone else's work as their own.

2) A plagiarist.
Some hack paraphrased ninety percent of my article and claimed it as his own work.
by Anonymous February 15, 2004
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The process of putting together inefficient or unsuitable programming code in an effort to quickly solve a problem.
1. I just hacked it together
2. I'm going back to hack some more code
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
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1)n. A tool made those who have no life, so that even once spent 23/7 on a game (i.e. Counter-Strike) still has no mad skills, so wastes another part of one's life constructing a program that with allow he or she to not suck so much.

1)v. To use "extra skills" to be able to beat something that one could not usually do.
2)v. To have no skill at all and have to rely on a program to do the work for you.
3)v. To be lousy.
4)v. To be gay.
5)ect. ect.
by Volair March 14, 2004
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