A word used to end the sentence. Used like a period.
" This shit is mad whack Ha."
by mande May 06, 2005
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Usually an Asian name, Vietnamese. She is a best frend anyone could ask for. She iz a great, pretty, loving, kind person
Me: Look, there's Ha
Friend: Who's Ha?
Me: My asian best friend
by randomer_ July 16, 2013
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urban city term defined as a man or one of your boys
Kelton was going crazy and i was like you need to chill ha.
by Zaire March 17, 2005
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Gay Northener slang for the word "her."

I really do not like ha!
by Eduado08F April 26, 2009
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The stupidest, preppiest, most douche bag laden word to use in a conversation. Ever.
Poor Use
Person A: Whats up?
Person B: Nothing.. ha

(Take note of the terrible use of this word.)

Proper Use
Person A: Guess what?
Person B: What?
Person A: NOTHING!

(Take note of the proper use of "Ha" and how less preppy it is.)
by haisareallygayword March 15, 2010
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In poker, a game that alternates between Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Omaha is represented by "A" because in other poker acronyms (such as "HORSE"), "O" is used to mean Omaha Hi-Lo Split; in "HA" the Omaha game is High-only.
He spent all day in the online poker rooms, winning $1K in 7-card stud, but losing twice that much playing 5-card draw, HORSE, and HA.
by RandomStu February 26, 2009
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