Head Noob In Charge (see www.redvsblue.com)
Your team sucks at Halo, who's the H.N.I.C.?
by Josh June 01, 2003
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Head Nurse in Charge: A supervisor position for RNs for a particular shift, who makes patient assignments for the staff RNs, communicates with other areas of the hospital to take in patient transfers or direct admits to the unit, makes sure there is adequate staffing for RNs as well as support staff like the CNAs and unit secretaries. They are a resource person for the RNs if they need assistance with a patient. They are the ones that patients can speak to if they have complaints as well.
Newfag RN: Who's the H.N.I.C. for todays shift? I left the foley bag open and there's piss all over the floor, what do I do?

Divorced, single, 50yr old Nurse: Shaniqua is the H.N.I.C. for todays shift.
by Doc Roc September 03, 2013
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Short for Hockey Night in Canada. Famous for broadcasting hockey on Saturday Nights for the past 53 years.
Did you see the Sabres kick the Leafs ass on H.N.I.C.?
by Magnum TOKYO April 24, 2006
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