i have heard this word used to describe a small ache or twinge of pain,ie my elbow has been giving me a bit of jip/gyp and have just heard that the thai word for pain is jip/gyp
my knee has been giving me a bit of jip or gyp recently
by opiumbuddha January 27, 2011
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Being gypped over the internet or some other electronic means. Name sounds like the country Egypt.
I bought this thing on eBay, but it wasn't what it was supposed to be. I was totally e-gypped
by Platypus Man January 6, 2007
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A night when the wife doesn't want to cook, so the whole family forages for food the best they can.
"Kids, it's {Gyp night}.Your mom's too tired to cook tonight, so we're having baloney sandwiches for the main course and a bowl of Wheaties for desert."
by tr57 October 20, 2009
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It's what happens when the Internet plug is pulled just when you get a good riot going and all hell breaks loose.
As soon as the students from Cairo University got a Facebook page going on where they were going to standoff with police, the government E-gypped them.
by butifandthat January 29, 2011
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Getting taken in court by a Jewish lawyer or hiring a Jewish lawyer for that extra edge as a defendant in court.
"I got jewgypsued by that lawyer. "

"Oh, you were up against the firm MMA, a.k.a. Murphy, Murphy and Applebaum?That firm is skilled in the art of Jew-gyp-sue. You had no chance."
by Bottom-feeder Beater May 14, 2023
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Gyp Jap crap is a term that refers to cheap, crappy products made in Japan. Usually electronics and toys.
I just bought this computer from a Japanese company and it was total gyp Jap crap.
by Chayce1981 December 23, 2017
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To feel you've been taken advantage of (usually financially)
Person1: How much did you sell your TV for?

Person 2: 20 bucks

Person 1: Oh man, you got too little!

Person 2: I know! I feel gypped, jewed and sawed in half!
by DeeBo83 November 8, 2009
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