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Aulora is a usually a female with blonde hair and the most adorable face in the world. Aulora is the goofball of her friend group. Aulora makes jokes about her insecurities .Aulora says she not cute , the truth is Aulora is the the hottest girl in her friend group. Aulora is the most relatable person in the universe. She makes you feel excited to just be around. She is someone that you become friends as kids together , mothers as adults together, and grandma's as elders together.
me: Aulora and I had a sleepover this weekend and we talk about how stupid we are. Man I love her.(as a friend) my friend: Aulora is the greatest person in the world.
by 4+5=purple June 17, 2018
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To be perfect
To have 100% zero flaws
To be the most perfect human being in the world
"She is so Aulora"

"I wish i could be as Aulora as her"
by VANEVERY July 10, 2014
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Aulora is the partner to Wild turkey nuts.
excessive talking to the point one turns into a turkey.
the queen gobbler.
gobbling so fast her head explodes

also related to munchausen syndrome
shut up and quit being so Aulora

officer i dont know what happend she went from 0 to aulora so fast.
via giphy
by Laha89 July 20, 2018
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