Alternate retail chain that sells clothes for those who have a Gunt.
Look out the Gap, coming soon to a town near you.
Star Jones shops At The Gunt, while Madonna shops at The Gap.
by Flashm2 April 1, 2004
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The protruding area of blubber that sticks out below the gut and above the cunt.
Dude that’s gross man. Did you see the gunt
by Newfie blogger July 20, 2019
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Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt... The Gunt.
My sixth grade teacher had a gut like a freakin' innertube!
by Mickey Deuce September 25, 2002
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Did you watch the gunt stream last night?
by Dimetime35c February 9, 2022
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noun.- A combination of a Gut and a Cunt. A gunt manifests itself as a fat outcropping of flesh at the base of the lower torso (below the belly button but above the crotch).

In extreme cases the size of the gunt may make location of the genitals difficult to impossible.

For some reason individuals possessing a fat gunt often feel the need to excentuate their 'assets' by wearing tight leggings or tube tops.
Jo: "...walking back to her husband across the beach, her gunt flapping in the wind.."
Everyone: "Bwaahahaha.... GUNT!!"
by Olly J April 2, 2006
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gunting is the art of hunting for women with gunts in the wild and collecting their gunt butter to sell to midgets as a growth hormone this is a very dangerous occupation
"timmy lost an arm last week whilst gunting the flab from that gunt bitch tore it clean off"
by leigh citroen-symes November 5, 2007
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The term gunt does in fact come from the words gut and cunt. However a true gunt must stick out further then the waist line of the said gunt owner.
Did you see the gunt on that one? it looked like she is packing a kangaroo.
by fungifunkle March 12, 2005
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