i was on the interweb and this guy was all talkin' about people being 'gun ho'. which is odd. because no one says that.
by heterodox October 9, 2006
A war term used to describe somone who is very excited
Mark was gun ho about getting his first rifle
by Brent lough June 30, 2006
Someone that rushed in excited into something, usually war
Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (Quote: "We were so gun ho to lay down our lives")
by vagothcpp December 17, 2009
used to explan the unexplan able motvation a marine has or devil pup.
marine: Lets kick some iraq ass OORAH

iraqy: oh god no i mean allah he is gun ho!!
by bruce wolf August 4, 2008
A purpose is enthusiastic to fire a gun on impulse and ask questions later
The guy came to my building with a gun ho attitude.
by G.H. Marciano February 16, 2018