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1. Being unarmed or underarmed when shit hits the fan.

2. Addictive behavior in the buying, selling, collecting, modifying and shooting of firearms, to the point where it financially impacts other areas of your life.
1. "There's some drunk asshole on my front lawn shooting mailboxes with a shotgun! I've got a serious gun problem!"

2. "Sorry man, I can't go out this weekend. I spent all my cash on that new AR-10 upper."

"Dude, you don't even have an AR-10!"

"I know... I've got a bad gun problem."

"Get help."
by Teryaki September 21, 2007
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A problem characterized by the misuse of guns by nefarious individuals. Certain politicians who wish to appear 'tough on crime' have attempted to address this problem by ineffective and unconstitutional legislation that infringes on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

To really address the problem of gun violence, we must look at the root causes: criminal gangs; abuse of drugs; the 'war on drugs' (which is as ineffective as the prohibition of alcohol was in the 1920s and in fact is largely responsible for many criminal gangs); inadequate programs for integrating released prisoners back into society (in the absence of which, said prisoners instead go back to selling drugs as the only means of making a living); poor education (esp. lack of discipline in inner-city schools); decay of the nuclear family; et cetera.
Brad: We need to ban handguns to address the gun problem!

Joe: No, banning handguns would only disarm law-abiding individuals, and thereby wrongly deprive them of their inherent, inalienable right to defend life and liberty. And it's unconstitutional, to boot.

Brad: But how else can we stop urban violence?

Joe: Trying to stop urban gun violence by banning guns is like trying to treat a poisonous snake bite by applying a bandage. We must address the root cause, not the surface symptoms.
by flood control dam #3 March 29, 2007
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Something that America has.
American: I went to go get some chinese food down on 51st but a fight broke out so we left to avoid being shot.
Brit:you were worried about being shot?
American: yea, we have a slight gun problem here.
by nego November 29, 2005
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