I had a thought…
We can be sad regarding our love situation…
Or we can be thankful for the live we have for them…
The love isn’t going anywhere for them…
We have a choice… embrace the love or embrace the sadness.

I embraced the sadness for a day and it was miserable… everything was sad.

I may very well be wrong in my approach. I am sure there will be sad days ahead. I just hope more happy than sad.
Don’t know if you are questioning why did you respond to me in the first place… you gotta watch out there are some crazy people on here😜😜
… totally kidding
Well, my events of yesterday, I may be a little crazy.
by 4-u August 21, 2023
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I am super sorry…

I can’t shake this funk today…

I wasn’t expecting them to go away:(

Sometimes even happy people have to get sad and mad…

A positive thought… I no longer need counseling for my number addiction.
by 4-u August 23, 2023
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A response my dad HATES hearing and claims I’m talking back when I use it
Dad: how do you do this?
Me: I don’t know
by XxMonzterxX December 28, 2019
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I don’t know mean idk
I don’t know mena that you don’t know
by No see October 15, 2019
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A slang term :

A technical description : meaning something along the lines of, we/I don’t know.

More slang based : It can also be used in the context that you or someone does something crazy / cool

The term was founded in popular streamer Quackity’s Twitter description. The term was originally “I don’t know nobody” but fans quickly adopted the term changing the ‘I’ to ‘we’.
Wilbur Soot: *places bedrock on a flower garden*

Tommyinnit places a sign saying “no one asked” on the bedrock

Wilbur soot runs away shouting “honestly, we don’t know nobody
terraforming the moon in Minecraft - Wilbur Soot on YouTube
by haybalelady April 12, 2021
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“Don’t know what day it is”: When in someone’s life where they aren’t productive and be at home from day to night everyday doing nothing. This happens to a lot of students during the summer, and a lot of students usually don’t know what day it is during the summer since they’re not doing anything in their lives but sitting at home.
“Don’t know what day it is”: when is someone’s life where they aren’t productive and be at home from day to night everyday doing nothing. “Bro all you do Jimmy is sit at home playing video games everyday, you should do something else productive like get a job or go out. Jimmy “you don’t know what day it is”.
by KLUTCHJACOB September 23, 2019
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We Don’t Know: The Game is a upgraded form of Calvinball.

You HAVE to lose, no matter what or why.

1 player must go over to a checkerboard and move the rook without his/her hands. The other must move a rock to a circle on the ground. If the rock reaches the circle and cracks before player 1 finishes, he loses 3 points. Player 2 climbs a tree and says a letter and a number. If the rook is on that spot. Player 1 runs into the tree while yelling “KING ME!” If he knocks the bubble rod down, he wins. (And remember: he must lose the game.) But if it is Tuesday, he loses.

Complicated, right?
Insert We Don’t Know: The Game being played here.
by Plasmus October 12, 2018
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