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Something you watch in the wee hours in the morning when you've had too much coffee and stale Timbits to know any better.
Wife: *calls from upstairs* Honey are you still watching those electric ab belt infomercials?
Husband: grrrrrmmmmmmmmmphhhh *drools*
by FuNkY mOnKeY October 15, 2003

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when you watch a couple having sex and your outside a window and then you ejaculate on the window so it looks like sea gull shit
i gave mindy and paul a good gulling on their window the other day
by funky monkey November 06, 2014

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when you have sex with a girl on the beach and you take your dick out, put it in the sand and put it back in as it makes her screech or scream like a seagull.
Sandra really didn't like are evening last night on the beach as i gave her a painful seagulling.
by funky monkey November 06, 2014

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A sport that hurts if you are smacked in the head with the titular dodgeball.
<Person> *is smacked in head* Ow!
by FuNkY mOnKeY October 20, 2003

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A word said when one is on a major sugar blast.
*races around room* mEEnK mEEnK mEEnK mEEnK mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnK!!!!!!
by FuNkY mOnKeY November 17, 2003

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Jumping up and down, like a pogo stick, to any suckage music to try to make it better.
Sara and I pogoed to Avril Levigne at the SnowBall dance in an attempt to make it all the less horrible.
by Funky Monkey December 18, 2004

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