GUH (n.)

meaning: the automatic verbal response of a fangirl when she sees something very hot, attractive, or breath taking.
"When I saw a picture of Zachary Quinto without his shirt, dripping sweat down his sexy chest, I let out a GUH! and fell over."
by Snupperuska March 04, 2010
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Generally Un-Happy. Used mostly in DMV area slang. Found to be more common in a females conversation than a males.
This teacher gettin' me guh with all this homework!
by Sir Lucious Leftfoot August 20, 2010
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Pronounced like Duh, but with a G.
A combination of being dumb-strucked by something or someone to the point of drooling.
He's so hot I could stare at him the whole day... Guh!

(Getting a massage and thinking to youself - this feels so amazing) Guh... :)
by little miss fluff October 01, 2013
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to be mad or upset
that bitch just got me real guh

i missed my bus this morning, that just got me real guh

girl that boy has his guh face on

on a scale on 1-10 how guh are you?
by teen94 December 04, 2010
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Guh is the slang way southern men may type the word girl.
what u talkin about guh(girl).
by StEpHaNiE August 06, 2003
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A word expressing angst or despondence, frequently used online as a type of sigh.

Originates from the misspelling of ugh.
Guh... I hate when people think that this word came from fucking nowhere.
by shloopdoop January 11, 2009
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