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the term GUH originated from DC its a sign of expression for being angry, mad or irritated
im GUH my phone turned off until i pay the bill
by leadinglady February 12, 2012
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when someone is irritating you. or you are annoyed by something. (this is how its used in MD, it may be different for other areas)
that boy over there is acting retarded and its getting me guh.

I'd be guh as sh*t if i had to go to that class.
by Brown Bear375 December 15, 2008
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A word used to convey speechlessness, whether it's caused by amazement, anger, or the other person being a complete idiot.
But I...that is...I can' could you...I...

by Tsunoba August 08, 2009
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When A Person Is Angry,Mad,Embarassed.
Ooh,You Real Guh.Girl Why You So Mad.Whats Wrong With You Sweetie.Man She Real Angry.
by Keniah May 27, 2008
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1. most commonly used in the DMV area, referring to when someone/something is irritating you or annoying to you.

2. most commonly used down south referring to a female. just a southern way of saying "girl" (gurl)
ex: Marcus was acting so dumb last night, so i had my guh face on.

ex2: I'd be guh as sh*t if tomorrow wasn't Friday.

ex: what's up guh?

ex2: boy1: ay you kno Shay? boy2: oh yea that's my guh right thea.
by xBeauty February 18, 2011
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